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There's a lot riding on this year's installment

5 Things We Want To See In This Year's Battlefield

Battlefield 6
Yes, robots are coming in Battlefield 6. (Credit: Christo Crafford)

Battlefield 6 is almost here – the reveal is out on June 9 – and we've spent all week wondering about what we're most excited to see. We decided to put our wishlist together for you - this was hard; I want a lot from Battlefield 6

With Activision Blizzard apparently suffering to get this year's Call of Duty release in good shape, EA have been drawing all the hype to Battlefield instead. Now, we know a few details already - the game will take place in the 2030s, between Russia and the U.S., and the player will have access to some high-end robotics and gear - but there's still a lot we don't know. What the game could launch with is hugely exciting. But like children writing to Santa, we know we can't have everything, so here's our wishlist of the top five things we'd like. Please, EA, please. 

Our Battlefield 6 Wishlist

Battlefield 6 Wishlist - 5. Fun Vehicles (...And A Way To Counter Them)

Its Battlefield. Obviously, we want (and obviously we're getting) some amazing vehicle play. But please EA, let us counter vehicles easily enough too. Dying at spawn to an attack helicopter gets old real quick. 

Battlefield 6 Wishlist - 4. Detailed Weapon Customization 

Modern Warfare 2019 has already shown us the way. Anything less than a good gunsmith, with at least five or six attachment slots per weapon, would feel retrograde in a shooter at this point.

Battlefield 6 Wishlist - 3. Great Weapon Feel 

This is something Battlefield can usually be trusted with but like the last wish, they have hopefully learned a lot from Modern Warfare 2019. That game had a fantastic gun feel, from the sound design to the muzzle flash and the felt vibration, it just felt right. So come on EA, if you're going to give me a pig of an M60 then let me feel the weight when I'm throwing lead.  

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Battlefield 6 Wishlist - 2. A Squad–Based BR 

We haven't heard anything official on a BR yet, but...I mean...come on. There's a 99.9% chance they'll launch one in Battlefield 6. We just hope they focus on their strengths – make it feel squad-focused, give us a ginormous map, and follow through with the Battlefield philosophy: Play The Fudging Objective.   

Battlefield 6 Wishlist - 1. The Atmosphere Of BF1

Battlefield 1 was a divisive game. A lot of fans loved it. A lot of fans hated it. But everyone can agree, the game did one thing better than every Battlefield to date, nay, better than almost any game to date – it created atmosphere. When the planes flew low overhead, shrieking and dropping bombs that would blow open walls just feet away, you felt terrified. If EA can achieve that atmosphere in a more hi-tech setting with Battlefield 6 then they'll have a winner on their hands

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