Titanfall 3 Seemingly Confirmed by Devs

Titanfall 3 in development at Respawn
Will there be a Titanfall 3? It sure seems like it. | © Respawn

Respawn took to Twitter to actively dispel rumors that Titanfall 3 is not in development, and in doing so, they sure seemed to confirm that Titanfall 3 is coming.

Now, I don't know how good you are at reading between the lines. Relationships with the ladies have suggested that I'm not amazing at it, but I'll be damned if this tweet doesn't confirm Titanfall 3 being in development:

It's like a girl saying "regardless, of what people say, I love you, and who knows what the future holds..."

Actually... whenever I heard that, the girl was leaving me, and I was ever so naive to think otherwise, but... with Respawn I feel like I'm on the money. To give you some context: It had been said by their very own community coordinator that Titanfall is not in development. That statement had the internet up in a frenzy, and the tweet you read above was Respawn making sure to right the wrongs. Now, why would you do that, if you're not actually working on the game? At this point, if it is ever revealed that Titanfall 3 is not real, they would've double-crossed their audience, so I am certain my between-the-lines-skills are not letting me down and I confidently state:

Yes, There Will Be a Titanfall 3

Great. There's the sub-header. Now, where do we go from here? Well, one thing that's interesting to note is that the now infamous Nvidia GeForce leak also suggested that Titanfall 3 would be coming to their streaming service. With Nvidia GeForce pulling its content from Steam, that sure makes a lot of sense, since Respawn distributes their games via Steam.

If you're not familiar with Titanfall at all, then I'll point you to the gameplay video from Titanfall 2 below. Trust me when I say, Titanfall 2 actually aged well, and is still worth your time. Plus, if you enjoy the fluidity and movement of Apex Legends, then you'll feel right at home with Titanfall anyway.

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