Apparently Pokémon Arceus Will Not Be an Open-World Game

Apparently Pokémon Arceus Will Not Be an Open-World Game

A keen Pokémon expert on Twitter seems to have spotted that Pokémon Legends Arceus might not feature an open-world map after all.

Pokémon Legends Arceus: The joke that keeps on giving. I know some of you are hyped about this game, but my hype has long turned into bitterness. If Kena can look like a Pixar movie with ten people working on it, then Pokémon Arceus simply should not exist. Be that as it may, though, the game does exist, and it will undoubtedly ship millions of copies. Now, it's not like I'm on a mission to personally stop this, but... nah f*ck it: I am. I am on a mission to help Pokémon fulfill its potential, and until they do that, I'll be that salty dude writing headlines like this:

Pokémon Arceus Will Not Be Open World, And You Shouldn't Buy It

So, originally we were teased to an open-world Pokémon game, that looked like it ran on Windows 95. Then, a second trailer was released and everything that looked bad about Arceus, still looked bad. The one silver lining was the promise of exploring an open-world Pokémon game for the first time.

Now, a keen Pokémon expert, @JoeMerrick, pointed out that the in-game map doesn't actually look like an open-world map at all. He claims that Pokémon Arceus actually looks like it will have segmented areas like Monster Hunter:

Is this going to stop people from buying the game? No. In fact, people are already making excuses on Twitter as to why this is ok, and that it's still an evolution for Pokémon. The thing is that many things would be an evolution for Pokémon: Voice acting, Full-HD resolution, 30 FPS, good animations, non-floaty movement, ray-tracing, or many of the features that the GTA franchise had in 2001. Still, people will defend and buy Pokémon until their dying day, and hail the game as original when it introduces a crouch button and basic stealth mechanics. Oh, Arceus did that? Well, welcome to 2001, the year Metal Gear Solid 1 was released.

But, hey, maybe I'm being bitter. After all, look at Arceus. How could it possibly handle an open-world? I mean, it's tied to the Switch, and its not like Breath of the Wild managed to pull that off years ago...

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