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Far Cry 6 is going to be incredible!

3 Reasons Why Far Cry 6 Will Be the Best Far Cry

far cry 6 best far cry
Will Far Cry 6 be the best Far Cry game so far, or is it too early to know? | © Ubisoft

Far Cry 6 is shaping up to be a pretty incredible experience. After the relative disappointment of Far Cry 5, the series needs a win, and this is sure-as-hell going to get them just that. We have taken a look at everything announced so far, and compiled a list of three reasons why Far Cry 6 will be the best Far Cry game ever released...

That's right, it's going to be even better than Far Cry 3! Yep, I am referring to the 2012 classic that has been hailed ever since as the best game in the series, and one of the best games of the Xbox 360 and PS3 generation. Thus, when I say that Far Cry 6 is going to trump Far Cry 3, and possibly take the spot of best Far Cry game, you might think I am crazy. Seriously, though, I thought about it – here is why Far Cry 6 will be best Far Cry!

Are you all up to date on Far Cry 6? No? What are you doing with your life? Let's get you all caught up!

#1: Far Cry 6 Will Have the Best Open World in Far Cry

Far Cry 6's new open-world looks wild. Truly wild. Absolutely incredible. It looks crazy, full of explosions, beautiful vistas, and – for the first time in Far Cry history – a bustling metropolis to explore. The game's open-world will be huge, possibly the biggest in Far Cry history (yes, even bigger than in Far Cry 5), and full of things to discover. That kind of just sounds like any Far Cry game, though, doesn't it? Well, yes, but this will be a tad different: Far Cry 6 is the ultimate next-step in this experience, introducing new vehicles, a bustling new city, and a ton of incredible new ways to get around and engage with Far Cry 6's vast open world. If this doesn't make Far Cry 6 the best Far Cry, we don't know what will!

#2: Far Cry 6's Anton Castillo Will be an Incredible Villain

Anton Castillo is going to be one hell of a villain, as part of one hell of a game. Played by Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito, Castillo is one scary son of a gun. He is equal parts charismatic and brutal, equal parts scary and entertaining. Every time that we have seen him, he has absolutely stolen the show - and it seems like he could even one-up Vaas from Far Cry 3. Seriously. That's wild, isn't it? If it ups-the-ante on Far Cry 3, then Far Cry 6 will surely become the best Far Cry! Look, we have our own article on exactly why Anton Castillo will be the best Far Cry villain, so check that out. We'll leave you with this little thought, though: has Giancarlo Esposito ever done wrong?

#3: Far Cry 6 will be a True Next-Gen Far Cry Experience

Far Cry 6 is truly going to be the next-gen Far Cry experience we have all been waiting for. Do you remember Far Cry 4? Well, that was the next-gen introduction to Far Cry back in the PS4 and Xbox One days, but this one... this is going to be a whole lot better. A massive open-world, tons of new ways to interact with that open world, incredible graphics, an involving and fascinating story – and an incredible villain. Is there really anything to be said? If Far Cry 6 nails it, Far Cry 6 will be the best Far Cry ever. We truly mean that. This game is going to be incredible.

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