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This game is too underrated

Why You Should Play Spellbreak!

Why you should play Spellbreak
Seriously, the game is as cool as this gif looks. (Credit: Spellbreak)

Spellbreak is the Battle Royale game for people that don't like Battle Royales. It's Avatar The Last Airbender meets Breath of the Wild meets Fortnite. Sounds too good to be true? Well... the game kind of is.

Ok so, hear us out here: If you like Avatar The Last Airbender, Dragonball, Battle Royales, or Breath of the Wild, you owe it to yourself to play this game.

What's so special about Spellbreak?

First of all, the game is free to play. Rejoice, broke people.

If that's not reason enough to play it, then how about this: You wield the power of the elements. Yup, that's right. Wanna mess people up with rocks? Go for it. Wanna throw fire? You got it. Want to combine the rock with fire to essentially create a meteor? No problem. Or how about mixing ice and electricity to fry frozen opponents? You get the gist:

This game is creative.

Point and shoot is sooooo 2019. Spellbreak brought some much-needed change to the rusty Battle Royale meta. While other games have you run and hop, Spellbreak has you flying and hovering and feeling like a God.

Spellbreak is a beautifully realized third-person Battle Royale with battles on an insane scope with ridiculous verticality. To get this game for free is beyond absurd and anyone that enjoys video games owes this game a try. You will not regret it. Trust us.

How many Game Modes does Spellbreak have?

With all these gameplay options though, Spellbreak is quite complex. Like... seriously, seriously complex. This game has an intimidating learning curve. Luckily though, you have two game modes to jump into:

  • Battle Royale: You already know the deal here. You can play it solo, duo, or as a squad of three.
  • Clash: A team deathmatch style gamed for two teams of up to 9 players. Straight forward, right? This is highly recommended for beginners – it's much easier to learn the ropes here.

If this all sounds as good to you as it is, and you decide to get the game for free, then you'll love that we actually have a Spellbreak giveaway going on at this very moment!

Everyone that signs up for MyEarlyGame, joins us on our Discord and likes the Spellbreak Post has a chance to win a Spellbreak code that includes:

  • 13,500 in-game gold
  • Chapter 1 Pass
  • Sinister Warlock outfit
  • Steely Eyed Spellslinger outfit
  • Menacing Aura Badge

So what are you waiting for? EarlyGame is excited to welcome you to the MyEarlyGame family and give you a cool key for this even cooler game!