PS5 wins. There, you're welcome.

Why the PS5 Is Better, or: Why It Makes No Sense to Buy the Xbox Series X

Xbox Ps5

There can only be one. Spoiler alert: It's the PS5. (Image Credit: Sony & Microsoft)

The next console war is upon us and everybody’s gearing up for it. Unfortunately, there is one problem: There is no war. The PS5 is the system to get. Period. Full stop.

We’re not gonna waste your time here with a long intro or summary or keyword heavy lead-in to the article of ‘Xbox Series X vs PS5’, aka ‘Why the PS5 is better than the Xbox Series X’, aka ‘Which Console Should I get? Xbox or PS5’…

See what we did there? Got ‘em!

Seriously though, it makes no sense to get the Xbox Series X over the PS5. Not with both primary systems being priced the same at $499 and boasting very, very similar specs (the Xbox is a sliver more powerful). There are more than two reasons, but we will list two reasons that are more than enough and that leave little room for subjective opinion, but rather can be considered fact.

Here’s why the PS5 is the better system. Trigger Warning & Rage Alert.

The Beta Reason Why the PS5 Is Better: The Controller

This is one you might not hear all that often, but the PS5 controller is a beast of its own. According to reports, the PS5’s Dual Sense will tell the difference between a full gun clip and an empty one and, more than that, it will know a bow from different weapons. It will also be able to simulate fatigue and it will know the player and load the player’s profile just by how the person is holding the DualSense. What!?

Let’s unwrap this one by one:

The haptic feedback of the new DualSense is more than just rumbling. The controller adds various powerful sensations that let you feel the difference between driving through mud and concrete.

The triggers give different feedback based on what weapon you’re firing: Use a bow and the back triggers will offer much more resistance than when you’re using a gun, whereas on the gun, the triggers will lock when it’s empty. The same mechanics will come into play in sports games and simulate player fatigue. How cool is that?

PS5 controller

It's not a slick marketing picture, but shows off how slick the controller really is. (Image Credit: Sony)

The controller also comes with a built-in microphone, so technically you are ready to go for online gaming without a headset. This is great, since it means every PS5 player is absolutely capable of joining voice chat. Multiplayer fans, particularly those playing games that require a team and strategy, should be quite excited about this.

Also, this might even mean that the PS5 comes with its own voice-operated system. Think along the lines of Alexa or a Google Assistant.

Not enough? Well, there’s more: Through slick tech and angles and spyware and magic and voodoo and, dammit we don’t know how, but the controller will be able to tell who’s holding it and automatically load player profiles. What. The. F.

Last but not least…: The thing is sexy. A slick black and white color scheme and no more colors on the buttons makes it seem like a mature piece of high tech. The back of the grip is covered in tiny triangles, squares, circles, and crosses and that’s the kind of extra touch that gives a product its final polish.

The Alpha Reason Why the PS5 Is Better: The Exclusives – The PS5 Is the One True Console

PS5 GAMES 770x433

The PS5 is the gamer's console. (Image Credit: Press Start Australia)

By far the biggest and most important reason to get a PS5. The reason the PS4 blew the Xbox out the water in terms of sales: Exclusives.

God of War, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spiderman, Bloodborne and we’re not even halfway through the list. At the end of the day, gaming is about gaming. This sounds like a duh-statement to make, but it seems Microsoft hasn’t gotten the memo: The fact that all Microsoft has is Halo is one of those jokes that’s got some uncomfortable truth to it. With the purchase of Bethesda, Microsoft might have beefed up their library (hopefully), but the PS5 already has a new number of AAA exclusives confirmed that are reason enough to buy the system: God of War Ragnarok, Ratchet & Clank, Spiderman Miles Morales, Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West – let’s face it: When you hear about next gen gaming, those are the games you hear about. Name an Xbox exclusive that competes here other than Halo Infinite.

Go on, we’ll wait….

Ok, Fable. Good, we’ll give you that. What else?


Now, some people say that PS5 exclusives are no longer true exclusives, since they might all be coming to PC way later down the road. To that we say: Yes, true - if you are willing to wait out that year or two of exclusivity. But even that serves to undermine the Xbox Series X and is our final nail in the coffin: These games are coming to PC not to the Xbox, while all the Xbox exclusives, well… they are also coming to PC. This is the one-all and end-all reason why the PS5 is the system to get: The Xbox is essentially a PC-lite. It serves no advantage over a PC. So Microsoft's very own computers spell their console's doom and cement the fact that the PS5 is the only true console of this next generation of gaming systems.

Now rage and flame. The floor is yours.

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