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These Xbox Games Get a Free Xbox Series X Upgrade


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The new Xbox Series X is already on the market and some lucky ones among you might already be enjoying the next-gen console by now. Whether it's the Series X or the slightly cheaper Series S version - the new next-gen titles look absolutely fantastic, don't they?

In addition to some exclusive titles like Forza Horizon 4, high-caliber games like Assassins Creed: Valhalla or Far Cry 6 are officially in the starting blocks. And Cyberpunk... well, let's not talk about it, it hurts too much. While some games will have to wait until next year, some top games are on the menu for the launch of the console. However, some games like Dirt 5 were released already and many already bought them. Thus, the question arises: How does it work now when I upgrade to the Xbox Series? Don't panic, Microsoft and some game developers provide a great service. For some titles, you can get the free next-gen version if you already purchased the game for the predecessor. Thanks to Smart Delivery you don't have to pay twice for your favorite games, with each developer deciding for themselves whether to offer this service for their game. Special mention should be made here of Ubisoft, which is offering three Triple-A titles as a free next-gen upgrade. Our wallet says thank you! In today's list, we show you the top 10 Xbox games for which you can get a free next-gen upgrade if you already own the title on Xbox One. Let's get started!

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