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When Is the Valheim 1.0 Release Date?

Valheim sitting under Tree
If only it were always this peaceful... (Credit: Iron Gate AB)

Valheim recently cracked the 1 million player mark, despite still being in Early Access. But when is the Valheim 1.0 release date? And what will change compared to the Early Access version?

It's been a while since an Early Access survival game went through the roof like this. With the Viking setting, developer Iron Gate AB hit the mark. It's always nice to see a small team rewarded for a good idea. Still, Early Access tends to be a deterrent for many people and too often developers and publishers have used the term as a sort of "get out of jail free" card and screwed players over by never delivering on their ambitions.

No Man
No Man's Sky burned players in its early access. (Credit: Hello Games).

When will Valheim 1.0 be released?

Iron Gate AB announced that Valheim will have its official release in 2022 at the earliest. In their Steam FAQ it says that Valheim will stay in Early Access for at least one year. However, depending on community feedback and how much content the developers want to pack into the game, it may take even longer.

Will Valheim be even more expensive?

It is likely that the price of Valheim will increase during the Early Access phase. At the moment the game costs $19.99. No one can say how much more expensive the game will get, but Minecraft originally only cost $13 and is now a whopping $26.95 - double that! If Valheim continues to be so successful, then it could well be that the price will rise considerably. If you're sure you want to try the game at some point, you better get it now!

What else is coming to Valheim?

New biomes, new enemies, new bosses, and new materials are planned. Crafting will also be expanded to include more recipes. In the final game, there will be 9 biomes – currently there are only 5.

By the way, if you have suggestions on what absolutely needs to be added, you can get in touch with the developers on the official Discord. There is even a group of testers who can try out changes before they are implemented into the game.


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