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Battlefield 6 is coming between October and December 2021!

Battlefield 6: EA Confirms October-December 2021 Release Date

battlefield 6 release date october december
Battlefield 6 is officially coming in late 2021, and we couldn't be more hyped! (Credit: EA - leaked Battlefield 6 Image)

According to Electronic Arts, Battlefield 6 will release between October and December of 2021. The release date news comes after weeks of leaks and speculation around the Battlefield 6 release date, setting, and whether it will be cross-gen. Here's the scoop!

Battlefield 6 details have been revealed during an Electronic Arts earnings call, wherein EA confirmed the studios hard at work on the new Battlefield title, as well as the release window that we can expect. Most of the information was unsurprising, and had already been more-or-less confirmed by numerous leaks.

Do you want the most up-to-date Battlefield 6 coverage? Stick to EarlyGame, on our dedicated Battlefield 6 page! Oh, here are a few highlights for your enjoyment...

When is the Battlefield 6 Release Date?

Battlefield 6 is confirmed to have a release date window between October and December 2021. The specific release date is yet to be announced, but we can expect to have Battlefield 6 in our hands before Christmas – which is good news for Santa, that's for sure! 

These details were confirmed during an Electronic Arts earnings call, within which EA also confirmed plans for this year's FIFA, Madden and F1 titles, amongst other news unrelated to the Battlefield 6 release date. There has still been no news regarding the next-gen Star Wars game that was recently announced.

Who Will Develop Battlefield 6?

EA DICE, Criterion, DICE LA, and EA Gothenburg are all now confirmed to be working on Battlefield 6. Yes, you heard that right: four teams are developing Battlefield 6! Considering that the game has also seen some pretty solid development time, we're all pretty happy with this news. Could Battlefield 6 actually turn out to be good, unlike Battlefield V and the most recent Call of Duty? We actually have an article on that... weird!

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