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What Is Phasmophobia? The Twitch Horror Co-Op Sensation You Should Play


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What is Phasmophobia, the Twitch horror co-op sensation? Well, it’s a game where you go into haunted houses to solve the mysteries of the resident ghost. If you’ve ever seen Ghostbusters or Scooby-Doo, then you get the gist. This is that, but as a video game and much, much, much scarier.

Like… very scary.

The real fun of Phasmophobia is that you play it with up to four people in a co-op game and it does its utmost to make the experience immersive: You can play with VR or no VR and when you are in-game, you have proximity chat and radio chat. More than that: The ghosts can hear you and react to what you say. In fact, they even react to their own names and calling them out is an integral part of the experience. That, combined with the proximity voice chat, VR and a scared group of friends makes this as close as you’ll ever come to a real-life haunted house experience.

Currently, Phasmophobia is only available on Steam for $12. The game is developed by Kinetic Games and currently sitting on an ‘overwhelmingly positive’ rating on Steam with 40,000 reviews. It is still in Early Access but has already risen up the Twitch charts, where it’s comfortably been residing in the Top 5 for a while now.

With Halloween coming up, this is the perfect spooky experience: COVID-19 is not gonna let you attend any big Halloween parties anytime soon, so why not team up with your friends online for some spooky fun?



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