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It's going to be Pod-Tastic!

Welcome to The EarlyGame Podcast Ep. 1: Switch OLED vs. Steam Deck

Welcome to The EarlyGame Podcast Ep. 1: Switch OLED vs. Steam Deck
Let's get this party started!

G'day and welcome to The EarlyGame Podcast, where each and every week we sit down, walk you through the week's Video Gaming news, help make sense of the industry, and have a hell of a great time. On The EarlyGame Podcast, you can expect some games, some drinks, some hot-takes, a pompous li'l Brit and an insanely irritating Aussie. It's going to be a whole lot of fun, and Episode 1 is already live!

As you can probably tell from the authorship of this-here article, it's Evan here. You have to understand, though, that as fabulous and sexy as I am, The EarlyGame Podcast is - actually - not a one-man show (well... not yet, at least!). Thus, I am obliged to say the following: Jon Ramuz and I would like to welcome you to The EarlyGame Podcast.

So, look. We've recorded a first episode. A pilot, if you will, and it's full of shenanigans, tons of video game talk (including an absurdly long section on the whole Switch OLED vs. Steam Deck debate), a couple of beers, and an amusingly-concocted game from Jon's beautiful brain. You can check it out on Spotify, and The EarlyGame Podcast is also soon to be on all other major Podcast Platforms (we'll keep you up to date)! Here's the first episode...

Welcome to The EarlyGame Podcast Ep. 1: Steam Deck vs. Switch OLED & Why XDefiant Will Be A Flop

Here's the bloody deal, right? We know that some of this news is a bit out-dated, but that's because this is our first Episode! You can tune into The EarlyGame Podcast each and every Friday evening, starting August 6. Sounds good? Why is this episode so damn long? Well, because we had to introduce ourselves! You can expect future episodes to sit more at the 45-minute to 1-hour mark...

When is The EarlyGame Podcast?

The EarlyGame Podcast will drop each and every Friday, starting August 6! It's going to be a whole lot of fun, and you should check it out and tweet us for any future topic suggestions (see EarlyGame's Twitter here, and my personal Twitter in my author description and the Podcast description), or to take part in some of our fantastic community-led activities! Check out The EarlyGame Podcast, and get your body ready for some truly spectacular entertainment... definitely. Spectacular.

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