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Weekly Wrap-Up: Indiana Jones Game, GTA VI Leaks & More

Gaming Recap 2021 Week 2
We survived week two – only 50 more to go... (Credit: Rockstar Games)

We survived week two... you know what that means: It’s recap time!

Find out what happened in the glamorous world of Gaming & Esports on this week's episode of... Man, what am I even doing... Just read the goddamn thing...

Bethesda Indiana Jones Game
Sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me... (Credit: Bethesda)

Bethesda is making an Indiana Jones game! Need we say more? Uhm, ok…: whips, action, adventure… wait, that sounds like a BDSM ad…

It’s Bethesda, so no doubt the game’s gonna be fantastic. Well, actually, now that I’m writing that, Fallout 76 comes to mind. Crap. Ok, correction: color me doubtful. At least Todd Howard is a legit Indiana Jones fan and Bethesda is spelled without a C, D, P or an R. That’s a good sign, right? Right?

GTA VI Leaks
Well that's exciting. (Credit: Rockstar Games)

Speaking of good signs: Let’s turn our attention to a game developer that’s actually good: Rockstar have officially… uh, well they didn’t officially do anything, but one supposed employee did confirm that GTA VI will have a female protagonist. He also confirmed the Americas setting that’s been rumored for the longest time. Sounds cool? Then how about you watch me predict that months ago in this video:

You know who else had a fantastic video: Corpse Husband. The dude was breathing and sent the internet into a frenzy. Yeah… that’s about everything I can say about that, but somehow our writer managed to finesse a whole article out of it: I’m a link, click me to read.

NFL Streams Football on Twitch
Football on Twitch? Nah man, imma stick to Rocket League (Credit: NFL/Twitch)

Remember how jocks used to bully gamers? Wasn’t too long ago that I was made fun of for playing PlayStation 2 all day long. Well… actually that was 15 years ago, but I digress…

Now the NFL - the epitome of jock-dom - is streaming its playoff games on Twitch. Who’s playing PlayStation all day long now, huh? That’s right. Still me.

Because we didn’t become gamers to read a lot, let’s end this on a video: Razer announced something cool, and I’ll be damned if I give the news away without finessing a click out of you for our YouTube channel:

If this wasn’t enough EarlyGame for you, then you’ll be delighted to hear this:

We launched MyEarlyGame, a log-in feature on our website that allows to see only the content you want to see. Basically it’s gaming segregation – because we know what gamers want.