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Weekly Game Releases: Cyber Shadow, Gods Will Fall & More | January 25-31


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Another week of gaming is upon us and because this is the radar for weekly game releases, we have to keep you up to date. What's dropping this week? Let's take a look:

Dead Cells - Fatal Falls DLC

You know Dead Cells by now and if you don't: Definitely give it a look. This Fatal Falls DLC will only serve to make a great game even greater. Releasing on January 26th for all systems except mobile: Android and iOS players will have to wait awhile to play the new content.


A boy and his robot star in this game from developer Assemble Entertainment. Looks to be a dystopian game with an emphasis on character building. Drops on PC only on January 26th

Cyber Shadow

The developers of Shovel Knight are at it again with another 2D masterpiece: Cyber Shadow is a shinobi game that looks to be a love letter to side-scrolling gaming. The music is hype and the gameplay looks tight and Yacht Games are right at home in this genre. Nothing can go wrong here. Releases on January 26th for the Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and the PC.

The Medium

A new IP in which you control a medium. Obviously. It's a horror game that claims to have patented dual reality gameplay. We're interested to find out what that means. The game drops for PC & Xbox Series X on January 28th.

Disgaea 6

On January 28th, the newest Disgaea releases in Japan for the Switch and the PS4. Tactical RPG & Anime goodness.


Published by Devolver Digital, Olija looks... interesting. Not much to say here other than that it's a 2D sidescroller that releases on January 28th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, the Switch and PC.

Gods Will Fall

Very Diablo-like with some Dark Souls thrown in there for good measure. A combat based adventure game that seems to be more on the difficult side. Interesting. We have our eye on this PS4 title.

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