Watch The Battlefield 2042 Announcement Trailer Here! | EarlyGame
This year's Battlefield has just been officially revealed, and the trailer is awesome

Watch The Battlefield 2042 Announcement Trailer Here!

Battlefield Teaser
It's happening! It's happening! Battlefield just got its teaser. (Credit: EA)

Battlestations everyone! EA just dropped the trailer for this year's Battlefield, and in the wake of Call of Duty's negative press - Battlefield looks even more glorious. This was always going to be exciting, but we could never have guessed we were going to get so much. Anyway, enough wasting time, let's watch it:

No doubt discord channels throughout the land are lighting up at the first real signs of this year's Battlefield action, and we'll be following up with a lot more coverage ourselves. We saw all the typical Battlefield features we expect: massively destructible environments, lots of modern vehicles, and huge player counts. And we can now confirm from the reveal trailer that the game is indeed called Battlefield 2042More details should be available on Battlefield throughout the week, as EA are reportedly revealing even more tomorrow at the Summer Game Fest event. 

After a saga of leaking and counter-revealing in the last few weeks, it also looks like the infamous Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson was wrong all along. Thankfully this reveal trailer was not the 'leaked' one. We'll be providing a full breakdown of what we've seen in the trailer, how it compares to leaks, and what it means for the game going forward here on EarlyGame

While we wait for more, you can satisfy absolutely every single one of your Battlefield needs with our extensive Battlefield coverage:

More exciting Battlefield news will soon follow, could this be the year they overtake Call of Duty? Who knows at this point, but we're hyped. Join us through it all at EarlyGame, and get your voice out there on Facebook or Twitter!