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Here’s how to beat Yagluth without even touching him

Valheim: How to Defeat The Final Boss In 11 Seconds

Valheim How to defeat Yagluth in 11 seconds
This guy will never know what hit him. (Credit: Iron Gate Studio)

A Valheim player managed to defeat the game’s final boss, Yagluth, in mere seconds without even hitting him one. The clever user bread about 50 two-star wolves to sic against the big skeleton, pulling off one of the most impressive and entertaining Valhaim tricks we’ve seen to date.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve already spent countless hours cutting, digging, building, hunting, and fighting in the realm of Valheim. Perhaps you’ve built some impressive structures or even managed to kill all the bosses using some sick bows. But it’s unlikely that you’ve done this!

Follow up to my Wolf breeding post, I decided to take them to Yagluth...again. Solo this time. Yagluth VS ~50 2 star wolves. from valheim

Reddit user WoodDivision5 impressed the hell out of the community by showcasing this little maneuver. They spent many many hours capturing and breading two-star wolves. These beasties can be used as companions, following your tracks and fighting by your side when needed. This gave WoodDivision5 an idea… if one or two wolves are so great, how about a massive MEGA pack of about 50?

They got to work and the results are even more impressive than you’d think. The big wolf gang was taken for a walk straight to Yagluth’s summoning spot. Once the undead king was summoned, all of the wolves attacked and the battle ended in… about 11 seconds. That must be a record of some kind, especially when you take into account the user didn’t even participate in the battle - it was too funny to watch!

So, there you have it: if you’re wondering how to smash the big evil pink skeleton in mere seconds, all you need to do is bread wolves. Lots and lots and lots of wolves.

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