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TOP Last Minute Christmas Offers for Gamers

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It's still not too late. (Image Credit: MediaMarkt)

If you still don't have any Christmas presents for 2020, you're really late this year. Fortunately, there is still a chance. We show you the last-minute Christmas offers from MediaMarkt, which you can still get BEFORE Christmas 2020.

Thanks to the lockdown, many of you are surely desperate now. After all, buying Christmas presents is something you like to postpone until the last minute, even if that means waiting 3 hours at the checkout. Don't worry, there are still gaming offers at MediaMarkt that you can get before the 24th or at least this year.



Games are always a great Christmas gift, whether it's for yourself or someone you want to give. You can get these MediaMarkt Christmas deals on games BEFORE Christmas if you're quick!

Buy 2 + 1 Gift PlayStation 4:

Buy 2 + 1 Gift PlayStation 5:

Buy 2 + 1 Gift Xbox One:

Buy 2 + 1 Gift PC:

Nintendo Switch Lite + Animal Crossing + 3 Months Nintendo Online

You can't possibly fit anything else in this package. The Nintendo Switch Lite is much more compact and handier than its bigger brother. Animal Crossing might scare you off at first, because how can a "kid's game" be for you? Believe us, Animal Crossing is just the thing after a hard day in the reality called life.

If that's still not enough, you get 3 months of Nintendo Online to back it up. As a side note, playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe online is WAY more fun. You can currently get this whole package full of things for 219,33€. Hurry up if you want it! Christmas is coming sooner than you think!

Gaming Accessories

Of course, you can't have enough accessories, and even if you're already covered you can always get one for a friend. These offers are currently available:

You'll always get the best deals at EarlyGame, so check with us regularly to make sure you don't miss out!

Original article by EarlyGame's Michelle Stummreiter.

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