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EarlyGame's Top Gaming Memes Of 2020

Meme 2020

The top memes of 2020! (Image credit: InnerSloth)

The roaring dumpster fire that was 2020 has come and gone and what a strange one it was. This year saw not just cataclysmic world events but also many great games so it is only natural that these games were memed on...for better or for worse. Let’s take a look at EarlyGame’s list of top memes from 2020.

The Animal Crossing Memes

Animal crossing new horizons daisy mae turnips stonks meme

Those are some expensive turnips! (Image credit: Nintendo)

The year started with Animal Crossing: New Horizon as everyone built their dream home on their dream island. Every Sunday Mae would visit you with some hot turnip stocks!

The Last of Us 2 Memes

Lou2 meme

Say what? (Image credit: Sega)

Love it or hate it, this game made a huge splash on the meme and gaming scene. In the end, it won several Game of the Year awards and still divides the internet today!

PS5 and Xbox Series X Memes

Ps5vsxbox meme

Once you see it, you can't un-see it! (Image credit: @Trafon)

Now we're no experts in design, but if the internet starts to meme on the shape of your console, then perhaps it is just ugly and you did something wrong. The PS5 looks like it is wearing a collared shirt and the Xbox looks like a fridge. The PS5 was perhaps the worst offender! Wasn't technology supposed to get smaller?

Ps5 table meme

So what's on the table for today? A little retro gaming?

The Among Us Memes

Amoung us meme

Basically every game of Among Us (Image Credit: InnerSloth)

This one was really hard to pick but all Among us meme center on one word: “Sus.” The game may have been developed in 2018 but it suddenly exploded in 2020.

The RTX Memes

Rtx avengers meme

"Avengers, assemble!" has a whole new meaning. (Image credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Another meme with so many choices but we settled for this one because an Avengers X Shrek mashup is something we all need. Also, we would like to add that when your graphics card costs x2 more than a PS5, there is something wrong with the way the PC master race thinks. It seems we the console peasants just don't understand.

The Console Wars Memes

The PS5 is the clear winner of the console wars by pretty much every metric you can come up with: games, controller, or sales. This meme sums it all up!

Xboxdead meme

Dead man coming through! (Image Credit: Sony/Microsoft)

The Cyberpunk Memes

Now, some memes come from a place of love and others come from hate. It’s fair to say a lot of hate has been thrown at Cyberpunk due to its terrible PS4 version. It was so bad that Sony took it off the PlayStation Store! This meme tells you exactly why.


Anyone want a refund? (Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

We never claimed to be meme lords so if you have a better meme let us know on our Facebook or Twitter or join our Discord for all the best memes! EarlyGame is the only place in 2021 for all your gaming news.

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