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If you can't wait for the new Battlefield, check out Enlisted!

This Game Is Basically Free To Play Battlefield

Enlisted Thumbnail
Can this free-to-play World War II shooter surpass Battlefield? (Credit: Darkflow Software)

Do you like World War II shooters? Do you like huge maps with a lot of players running around and fighting each other? In short, do you like Battlefield? Then check out Enlisted, a new free-to-play shooter that is currently in open beta.

is a new multiplayer free-to-play shooter from Darkflow Software. The game is set in World War 2 and sends you into familiar scenarios, such as D-Day. You run around with well-known weapons like the M1 Garand on huge maps, where up to 100 players can compete against each other. Does that sound familiar? Yes: if you've ever played a Battlefield game before, you'll feel right at home here - this game is basically like a free to play Battlefield.

Well, there is one big difference... because, there aren't really 100 players. Currently, the game is only available in a 10v10 mode, the remaining 80 soldiers are controlled by the AI. So the whole thing is not only reminiscent of Battlefield, but also cool titles like Titanfall. You can also give orders to the AI, which gives the game an interesting tactical component. This all sounds pretty good, especially for a free to play game.

Enlisted Gameplay
The game has great graphics and pretty good gameplay too! (Credit: Darkflow Software)

Enlisted is currently still in open beta. This means that the developers are still busy working on it. That's why there's only one map available at the moment, with the aforementioned D-Day scenario. However, new maps and modes will be available every once in a while for a short amount of time and will be added to the game regularly. And, don't forget: it's Free to Play! So if you're into Battlefield, stop by Enlisted's official website and give the game a try.


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