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What causes these issues on the PS5?

The PS5 Has Unexpected Crashes & Shutdowns

PlayStation 5 console
Bittersweet: You are one of the lucky ones to receive a PS5, and then... it crashes... (Image credit: Sony)

The PlayStation 5 was officially released for half the world yesterday and issues are already abound: We’ve seen a fair share of reports stating that the system suffers from unexpected crashes and shutdown issues.

The next generation of consoles was released and we thought we knew it all. Well, surprise: It seems the PlayStation 5 is having some issues related to certain games and hardware. Whether it has something to do with a specific title or it’s a bug on Sony’s end remains to be seen. Here’s what we know so far.

Spider-Man Remastered crashes the PS5

Putting the PS5 into rest mode while Spider-Man Remastered is running will crash the entire system. In turn, this will ask you to repair the external drive, which then causes a black screen. Uhm... yeah... not very Marvel-ous (yeah, that was bad one).

The devs that worked on the game are already looking into it and if the problem is on their end, it’ll probably be resolved soon.

If you want to avoid running into the error, you have to exit the game completely, before putting the console in sleep mode or launching another title.

Godfall causes a PS5 shutdown

Godfall PlayStation 5
First it got mixed reviews and now it causes a PS5 shutdown... oh Godfall... (Image credit: Gearbox Software)

Another title also proves to be problematic for the PS5: Godfall. No, we're not talking about the reviews. This brand-new game shuts your system down. Users on Reddit have already confirmed the issue and, according to one, the game was seen crashing on a Japanese live stream.

Other known issues

Unfortunately, the launch isn’t as smooth as we were expecting. Users have also reported numerous other issues, like:

  • Unable to connect to the PlayStation Network
  • Stuck on restart
  • Power issues
  • Issues with data transfer after setup
  • Problems transferring PS4 data to the PS5

Some of these might prove more serious than others – like being stuck on restart or having power issues. In any case, the best-case scenario for now is to be patient until Sony releases a firmware update. After all, we already know that the PS5 will be able to receive hardware updates (duh).

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