This Could Essentially Turn Out to Be GTA in London

Studio London is working on a new game, which might just be The Getaway. Is this finally the GTA London that Rockstar doesn't want to give us?
The Getaway sequel Studio London
I wouldn't mind taking it back a couple decades for the next Getaway. | © Mafia

You remember the Getaway? If you don't, it was basically GTA in London, except more down to earth, grittier and less colorful (just like London). In fact, it wasn't too dissimilar from GTA IV and The Getaway wasn't just a great game, it was also pretty successful, unlike its sequel from 2004. The ill-fated sequel sealed the franchise's fate... or so it seemed.

Now, London Studio announced that they are working on a new project:

While this by no means confirms that they are working on a sequel to The Getaway, it does give us reason to hope, since the project seems to be quite big: London Studio is looking for a lead character artist, senior gameplay programmer, and a senior level designer. Also, the planned game that seems to be an online title will have "procedural worlds", while "defining a next-gen experience [that] pushes the boundaries of possibility". Talk about ambitious... this is definitely no indie title.

Also, with people itching for GTA 6 and GTA Online making serious cash, what better time to provide competition? Plus, the upcoming release of the GTA Trilogy Remaster, will just wet people's appetite even more. Just look at The Getaway – it's literally GTA set in London:

I realize that all of this is a stretch, but Studio London's last games have been SingStar, DanceStar, and minor VR titles. In fact, going all the way back to the release of The Getaway, not a single of their games has any of the scope suggested in the press releases. "Procedural wolds" and "defining next-gen experience", doesn't sound like yet another SingStar. This is a big project, and while it might not be wise to bet on it at all, the safest bet is assuming that it's a revival of The Getaway.

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