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The Best Ways to Earn Money in Phasmophobia

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You want to earn money quickly in Phasmophobia to buy equipment and other items? Then stay tuned because we will show you the best way to increase your money during the ghost hunt.

There are three main ways to earn money with Phasmophobia – taking pictures of various ghost activities, achieving optional goals and taking out insurance. While you start out with just a little money and a starter kit, you can quickly earn more cash that will allow you to buy advanced equipment and become the best ghost hunter ever.

Tasks on the Whiteboard

Once you start a ghost hunt, it is always best to look at the whiteboard in the truck first. This not only gives you helpful information about the ghost but also provides four optional targets to earn extra money. The first goal is always to identify ghosts. The next three targets are chosen randomly.

It is also important to note that your financial rewards will be greater depending on the difficulty you choose and whether you survive or not.

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Different Whiteboard Tasks:

  • Let a member of your team witness a ghost event
  • Take a picture of a ghost
  • Detect the presence of a ghost with a motion detector
  • Find evidence of the paranormal with an EMF reader
  • Clean the area near the spirit with incense sticks
  • Take a picture of dirty water in a sink
  • Find a room below 10 degrees Celsius with a thermometer
  • Stop the ghost with a crucifix before an attack


If you were killed by a ghost, you lose any equipment you bought and brought with you. However, depending on the level of difficulty, you will get a part of the money you spent back thanks to the insurance.

On amateur difficulty, you will get 50% of the value of the lost items back. On medium difficulty, you will be refunded 25% of the value of the lost items. On Professional, you will be refunded 0% of the value of the lost items.

Taking Pictures of Ghost Activities

With a camera, players can take pictures during their ghost hunt. When a photo of ghost activity is taken, the player receives $10 if they survive and $5 if the ghost kills them.

Each camera can take up to 5 photos, so it's best to bring several cameras if you want to refresh your wallet. You can check the photos you took in your journal and if there is text next to a picture, you know that the photo you took will earn you money.

Photos of Ghosts

Finding out which spirit is haunting a place is the main goal of Phasmophobia. Take a picture of the ghost or their shadow to earn extra money!

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Photos of Corpses

Unfortunately, ghost hunting has its risks. This may sound macabre, but if one of your friends dies, take a picture of the corpse.

The sad event can still turn into a profitable event. Your friends will understand...

Photos of Dirty Water

Ghosts cause all kinds of strange things to happen when you are near him. One of those phenomenons is to fill a sink with dirty water.

So always check the washbasins because a picture of it will bring you extra money!

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Photos of Fingerprints or Footprints

Banshees, Poltergeists, Revenants, Spirits, and Wraiths leave fingerprints or footprints when they move around a place.

If you use a UV light or a glow stick, you can see these ghostly imprints and a picture of them will earn you money.

Photos of Certain Objects

There are certain items, such as the Ouija board, bones, and voodoo dolls that you can make money off when you photograph them. Also, if you collect the bones, you will receive money.

There is no guarantee that these items will show up, however, so but be sure to keep an eye out for them.

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Now that you know the best way to make money in Phasmophobia, don't hesitate to invest in equipment. If you don't know exactly which equipment is responsible for what, check out EarlyGame. Here you can find articles like All Equipment in Phasmophobia – How to Use it Correctly so now nothing should stand in the way of the ghost hunt.

Original Article by Alisa Eiber