Popular Racing Game Finally Coming to PS4 & PS5

The Art of Rally PS4 PS5 Release Date
The Art of Rally is finally coming to PlayStation. | © CAMBRIAN RALLY ARTWORK

The Art of Rally is the artist's rally game: Relaxing, beautiful, quirky and artsy. The indie game made a splash on every system it was released on, and now it is also being released on PS4 and PS5.

The Art of Rally is already out for every system and Game Pass, but so far, PlayStation owners were left out. Now, developer Funselektor Labs is selectively bringing their fun to the last consoles missing:

The Art of Rally Is Coming to PS4 & PS5

On October 6, PlayStation owners will get to enjoy this tranquil, beautiful racing game. Actually... it's a rally game to be exact, and to be even more exact, it is a rally game set in an alternate reality, where supercars are allowed on rally tracks. Also, this alternate reality includes a Buddha statue talking to you and asking your blood type before you can embark on your racing journey. Standard stuff.

Art of Rally is a top-down racing game with gorgeous graphics and an emphasis on relaxing, as well as getting the best laps. Of course, getting the best times and mastering the tracks is still what this game is all about. As is always the case in rallying, you're on the track solo, but you'll measure your times against the world's best – or the AI, if online is too tryhard for you.

In other racing news, Gran Turismo & Forza got some official announcements:

All in all, Art of Rally features 61 cars, 60 tracks, and a career mode to support the online and offline leaderboards. So far, the game has always been priced at $25, so expect the same price tag when it hits the PlayStation systems early next month.

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