The Airship Tophat is taking off

The Airship: New Among Us Map Revealed

Amongus airship map

The Airship is the new Among Us map. (Image Credit: InnerSLoth)

Last night during the game awards InnerSloth dropped a content bomb. The game that already blew up the internet in 2020 announced a new map! We take a look at the Airship.

The short reveal trailer from the massive hit Among Us, now an award-winning game, shows us aboard the Airship: Top Hat its new map. (Skip to 0:23s for the trailer)

The trailer features the different rooms on the airship along with returning mechanics like vents. We see a kitchen, a lounge, and a few other rooms but the coolest thing we see are climbable ladders and floating platforms that move. Another new feature includes the ability to change what room you start in after a meeting, probably in an attempt to give Imposters a better chance to win.

Everyone who plays Among Us knows that the win rate of Imposter(s) is dismally low, most say that a 30% win rate as the Imposter is a good win rate. After a meeting on the Airship, you can choose from three rooms to start in: Engines, Records or Main Hall.

Amongus starting rooms

Choose which room you start in! (Image Credit: InnerSloth)

When thinking about tactics, the Crewmates will now have to coordinate what room(s) they start in. Safety in numbers? Or divide and conquer? What will be the best way to choose a starting room after a meeting? These new layers to the gameplay add another level of manipulation and deceit - let the meta gaming begin!

The midgame? The late game? No, it’s the EarlyGame! We have all your gaming news in one easy place.

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