Red Dead Redemption 2, Max Payne, Bully & BioShock Remakes Coming?

Take Two Is Working on Remaster, Remakes or Sequels
Can't decide if I want RDR2 or Bully more... sorry, BioShock, not sorry. | © Take Two

No GTA news, but still huge to know that Rockstar's parent company, Take Two, have three new games in development, which are most likely remakes. Is it Red Dead? Is it Max Payne? BioShock? Bully? It could be.

So, we just wrote the other day about how Take Two has an unannounced game that they're gonna hit us with this month. Now, it was revealed that Take Two is actually working on three new, unannounced games. Whether the one that will be revealed this month is one of the three above is not known, but... it's unlikely: The unannounced game is set to be a new franchise, while the three games they are planning are "new iterations of previously released titles".

Take Two is Working on Remasters or Remakes

Saying the games are new iterations of previously released titles is just a fancy way of saying it's a remake... right? Or a remaster? Or does it mean they are new iterations as in actual sequels? I don't speak corporate-talk, but if you do, here's the Q1 2022 earnings call that revealed all this.

Mind you that Take Two confirmed that the new and enhanced GTA 5 version, as well as the standalone, upgraded GTA Online release are not two of the three games.

What Games Is Take Two Working On?

Red Dead Redemption. BioShock. Max Payne.

That's all we want. Give us the big three or, you know... hellfire and all that. Unless... unless they come way out of left field and give us a Bully remake, remaster, sequel or whatever the hell new iteration means. At this point, all we can do is speculate, but, if you read us frequently, you know that's exactly what we do best anyway:

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