Death Threats Cause SUP3R5 to Cancel all PS5 Black Orders! | EarlyGame
In the end there is no Black PS5 from SUP3R5

Death Threats Cause SUP3R5 to Cancel All PS5 Black Orders!

ps5 black SUP3R5
SUP3R5 cancel all orders! (Credit: SUP3R5)

Sorry PS5 fans, we know many were hyped to the max for a black PS5, but the company SUP3R5 that planned to produce this back console received legitimate death threats and have canceled all orders.

If you haven't heard of the PS5 black, we wrote a piece on it, but it's not happening, and we tell you why right now.

Many people first thought that the SUP3R5 black PS5 console was a scam as many claimed that the ordering process did not work properly and thought something was suspect. Early reports like this started to appear on Reddit.

Retro PS5 from SUP3R5 from PS5

However this was not the case, the employees over at SUP3R5 received some very real death threats and canceled all orders. They even deleted or disabled their Twitter!

It took some digging, but we found what we think is the statement made by the company but with their Twitter deleted it's hard to verify.

Perhaps the company's statement before their Twitter went dark. (Credit: SUP3R5)

It is unclear if the statement is true, but this small pop-up message is on the company’s website telling you that the console/controllers have been postponed and refunds are being sent out.

SUP3R5 homepage
This message appears on the SUP3R5 Homepage (Credit: SUP3R5)

What started as something great has now sadly taken a grim turn. Receiving death threats over a modded PS5 is actually insane, come on gamers, we are supposed to be having fun!

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