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The craziest Streamer Scandals in January


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You like gossip and scandals? Well, you're on the Internet, so you don't have to look far. If you're too lazy to google it yourself, we'll show you the biggest streamer scandals every month. Sexism, bans, and comebacks - everything your heart desires!

Whether it's a failed Rust server exclusively for streamers that triggers a huge sexism debate or PewDiePie suddenly popping up on YouTube with a virtual avatar and sparking a debate in the scene.

In January, as you would expect from the Internet, a lot of it was about sexism and inappropriate behavior towards female streamers. Questions like, "What color is your thong?" or "Do you want to sit on my face?" really don't belong in a stream and don't cause outrage for nothing. Fortunately, some female streamers know how to fight back and get a lot of applause for it.

Virtual streamers are also becoming more and more popular in the West, causing a scandal or two. In CodeMiko's case, the streamer was banned on Twitch... for consuming alcohol… a virtual character consumed alcohol. Seriously? Well, PewDiePie tried his hand as a virtual streamer and got a lot of backlash from the scene. Apparently, people don't want the YouTube legend's community, which has a reputation for being very toxic, in the virtual streamer scene.

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