New Star Wars Game Finally Leaked: Star Wars Eclipse

The title and setting of the new Star Wars game finally leaked: Here's what we know about Star Wars Eclipse.
Star Wars Eclipse
If you're not familiar with the High Republic era, you can read all about it in the comic series. | ©

Thanks to Jeff Grubb's podcast, we finally have some news on the Quantic Dreams Star Wars game we wrote about a while back.

Star Wars: Eclipse – Everything We Know

  • Star Wars Eclipse will be open-world and multiplayer
  • Star Wars Eclipse will be revealed at the Game Awards
  • The game is set in the High Republic era

Alright. Wow. Damn. A multiplayer and open-world game from Quantic Dream? Talk about unexpected. Quantic Dream is the definition of interactive movie-like games, so to see them stray so far is... exciting. Honestly, I can't think of a bad title in Quantic Dream's catalog – they are all carefully crafted, and have an insane attention to detail. So, for every Star Wars fan this news should be music to their ears, since we might just have the most exciting Star Wars game to date on the horizon (unless the Knights of the Old Republic remake has something to say about it).

Apparently, Star Wars Eclipse has been in development at Quantic Dream for over 18 months, but we still don't know more than the couple of bullet points above. What type of multiplayer they're going for is pure guesswork at this point, but, luckily, we won't have to wait much longer to find out, since the game is said to be revealed at the upcoming Game Awards.

What little we do know is the setting that Jeff Grubb suggests: The High Republic era. If you're not familiar, that means the game will be set 200 years before the prequel trilogy, which would also set it at about 800 years after the fall of the Old Republic.

As with every leak, feel free to pinch in saltiness, but do know that Jeff Grubb is a pretty reputable leaker with strong inside ties, who is usually right on the money.