Star Wars Eclipse Release Date Leaked

Another day, another release date leak. Today, it’s about the Star Wars Eclipse release date. When is it supposed to be?
Star Wars Eclipse Release Date Leaked
Did Star Wars Eclipse's release date just get leaked? | © Quantic Dreams

It’s very possible that you completely missed this is even a thing. Why? Because Star Wars Eclipse got announced at the Game Awards 2021, and they sucked so much this year that you probably were too lazy to even watch the recap. I get it. But what is it then? Is this BioWare’s next game? Nah, unfortunately, they won’t be working on a new Star Wars game (too busy with Dragon Age and Mass Effect). Nevertheless, it’s not all bad news, because Star Wars Eclipse is developed by none other than Quantic Dream.

Yes. Quantic Dream. The ones that made Detroit Become Human where graphics were taken to the next freaking level. Sounds promising right? Guess the Game Awards did one thing right in announcing this game.

But that’s all it was. An announcement that it was happening. When? No idea. Not until Tom Henderson (his Battlefield leaks were super accurate, so he’s trustworthy) decided to spill the beans.

When Is The Star Wars Eclipse Release Date?

According to Tom Henderson, Star Wars Eclipse will release either in 2026 or 2027. Why such a long wait, but an announcement in 2021? Quantic Dream is known for that, first of all. Detroit Become Human took years to release after its initial teaser trailer. But according to Henderson, that’s not the reason at all.

Apparently, Quantic Dream is struggling with the engine. Keep in mind that their games are very “press this button and get this sequence”-like. Star Wars Eclipse will not be one of those games, however and so the developer now has to venture out of their comfort zone and stuff like that obviously takes time.

It’s a leak, so take it with your usual pinch of salt, but Star Wars Eclipse is being hyped by many, so I bet everyone wants Quantic Dream to take their time and make a game as great as Detroit Become Human.