After 10 Years And $400 Million Raised, Star Citizen Is Still Not Out

That headline got my head spinning because all of it is true, and Star Citizen should really hurry the f up.
Star Citizen Still Not Out
This game better taste and smell so good after that much time and money. | © Cloud Imperium Games

2012. The year when the earth was supposed to burn (2012 really made me fear for my life, f that movie) was the year that Star Citizen was announced. Maybe the fact that it was announced in the year that all life on earth was supposed to end should have been a hint at what's to come.

Anyway, back then, Star Citizen was brought to Kickstarter so that it could get the funding it needed, and it was supposed to be released in 2015. Three years of development was supposed to be enough... supposed to, is the important part here.

In those three years, Star Citizen amassed an insane $100 million, the amount that Amouranth is making by uploading one boobie picture on her OnlyFans (that's a joke, please don't sue me... though she is making cash). 2015 came and Star Citizen didn't. The money was already spent, though.

You'd think that, after the promise of it releasing in 2015, it would at least get released a year later or something... right? Well, my friends, it's 2021, a freaking pandemic has happened in the meantime and Star Citizen is still not out. But you want to know the most insane part in all of this? The project has now amassed a total of $400 million in fundraising. This deserves to be spelled out.

400,000,000. Count the zeroes.

In 2016, we came close to a release, though. Not for Star Citizen, but its single player campaign: Squadron 42. Spoiler Alert: it didn't get released. There was supposed to be a beta, but there is none to be found.

Will Star Citizen ever be released? I honestly don't know. I just know that with 400,000,000, the game needs to smell like fresh roses and taste like Earl Grey with milk on a cold winter morning. If this game has some sort of romance, then I need to feel the pe...-