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Venom Voice Actor Tony Todd Reveals Spider-Man 2 News

Voice Actor Reveals Spider-Man 2 News

Spiderman 2 map size open world leak
Who else is hoping for Venom as an unlockable playable character? | © Insomniac, Marvel

Spider-Man 2 is coming, that much you already know. Beyond that, we don't know much about the upcoming Spider-Man game, but that has changed now thanks to voice-actor Tony Todd leaking some insights.

Tony Todd sounds like a Marvel character. Like... seriously. Also, Tony Todd is the actor and the voice behind that menacing version of Venom we got to see in the Spider-Man 2 trailer. Now, Tony Todd blessed us with a little Twitter-Hype: When asked about the game, he revealed a little something-something.

Spider-Man 2: Map Will Be Huge


Given that the map in Miles Morales wasn't exactly 'small', stating that the next Spider-Man game will be huge is quite the statement. Now... 'where will Spider-Man 2 take place' might seem like a redundant question: Spidey's home turf is New York, and we don't expect that to change. But, one thing has to be said: This will be the third time we're taking to the streets of the Big Apple... it might be getting a little stale, since there is no way Insomniac can really revolutionize the city at this point, unless they implement something wild like time-travel.

But... back to the topic: Tony Todd says the map is huge, which is not only exciting, but also makes the 2023 release date much more bearable, knowing that we will get a behemoth of a game to sink our teeth into.

Naturally, we're still hoping for the game to have co-op, given that we got to see Miles Morales and Peter Parker working together in the trailer. Now, I don't wanna go reading too much into nothing, but a huge map would be much better suited to host 2 Spideys swinging around. Right? Right...?

In any case, 2023 can't come soon enough. Not only because we're itching for Spider-Man 2, but also because Insomniac is still working on Wolverine. Logically, Spider-Man will release before Wolverine, so the faster we get to continue with Spidey's adventures, the faster we get to slash around with Wolverine. Also, who knows what will happen beyond that? It sure seems like Insomniac are positioning themselves as the Marvel game-developer, so who knows what else they got going on? Punisher? Daredevil? Deadpool? The comic-book-loving gamer's future is bright right now, that's for sure.

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