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Want to know if you've won?

Spellbreak Giveaway Winners + Next Spellbreak Giveaway Announcement

Spellbreak Giveaway Winners
And the winners are... (Credit: Proletariat)

Our Spellbreak Giveaway has been over for a few days now. Want to know whether or not you've won? Here's how you find out.

Have you taken part in our Spellbreak Giveaway and are now desperately waiting and hoping to see if you've won?

Well... have you checked our Discord? That is where we announced the winners. So make sure you join us, it's a fun time!

If you haven't won, don't worry, you'll have another chance VERY soon. Make sure you stick around on EarlyGame for the rest of the week and keep the "MyEarlyGame Giveaway" tag insight. That's our tag for all giveaways!

And if you still haven't signed up for MyEarlyGame, then you really should. There's literally no downside to it. You get to personalize your content on our website, browse the site ad-free and take part in all our giveaways (with more features to come very soon).