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Sony Is Bringing Xbox Exclusive Shooter to PlayStation

Sony Sunset Overdrive PlayStation
Sony is bringing Sunset Overdrive to the PlayStation. (Credit: Sunset Overdrive)

Sony is bringing the Xbox exclusive shooter Sunset Overdrive over to the PlayStation. The exclusives-war between Microsoft and Sony continues...

So you know how Microsoft is stealing all the PlayStation exclusives, right? If not, allow me to catch you up:

Well... anything you can do, right? Sony has turned this thing around is now taking exclusives directly from the Xbox library.

Sunset Overdrive is Coming to PlayStation

Sony registered a trademark for the formerly Xbox exclusive game Sunset Overdrive. The game was originally released for the Xbox One in October 2014 and for PC in 2018. Now it's also coming to PlayStation. Whether that's PS4 or PS5, we don't know – all we know is that it's coming and here's why:

What's important to know is that the original director of Sunset Overdrive is Drew Murray. Why is that important to know? Well, the dude was a major designer on Ratchet & Clank – he knows his way around a good game.

We don't know yet whether this will be a remaster, remake or a Sunset Overdrive sequel. What we do know is that this is an awesome announcement, because game's don't get more fun or whacky than Sunset Overdrive. Also, the game is a legit gem and extremely underrated. If you have no idea what the game is about, then we're not gonna bother to try and explain – we'll just show you:

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