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It's in development already

Sony Announce Next-Gen VR: Release Date, New Controller & More


Sony have made a huge announcement: a new VR system is in the making. The first details on the next-gen PS5 VR give us broad knowledge of what Sony is looking to improve from old-gen, the stage of development and the potential release date.

Sony have announced their intentions to release a next-gen VR setup. This isn't coming as a shock three months after the launch of next-gen consoles. If anything, the shock is the very early stage of development that the new VR appears to be in. Also, when are we gonna start calling stuff that's current, 'current'? PS5 is not next-gen anymore, damn it!

Sony PS5 Next-Gen VR: All Info on Development & Release Date

There's not a whole deal of information upon announcement. Sony pretty much just said "hey, we're working on a new VR system, stay tuned". They did throw a couple bones our way still. The bigger bone is definitely the new VR controller that will be designed to make full use of the PS5 DualSense wireless controller.

The other solid info on the next-gen VR system is the connection, which will be a single cord you plug into the PS5. Nice and easy. The rest of the announcement is the general talk of we'll take what we've learned and improve that we all know and love. The new system should "enhance everything from resolution and field of view to tracking and input", as per Sony. Which, I mean, yeah, it should do that at bare minimum.

As far as release date, Sony did give us some sort of clarity: next-gen VR is not coming out in 2021. We do expect to hear from the Japanese company this year with more details on the subject. When we do, so will you.

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