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EA left a cryptic message to solve about Battlefield 6

'War Is The Only Way Home' – The Battlefield 6 Puzzle Has Been Solved!

Battlefield cryptic message
EA sent content creators different parts of a puzzle today, fans think they've already solved it. (Credit EA)

EA sent content creators different parts of an image today as part of a Battlefield 6 puzzle for the entire community to work on together. It was Tom Henderson's discord group, home of all Battlefield 6 leaks, that solved the cryptic message first. We've got the solution and the complete message here. 

The reveal of this year's Battlefield 6 has been wild. First, there were leaks of the trailer, then we find out that isn't actually the trailer, then they set a new reveal date, and now this -  a community puzzle split up and sent to different content creators. It's a great idea really, it keeps the whole community buzzing and talking to each other. But you're probably desperate to get to the message already so here it is. 

The Battlefield 6 Puzzle 

The Battlefield 6 puzzle was a series of images sent to different content creators, that, when they were overlaid in the right way, produced a clear message. It was Tom Henderson's Discord (honestly, who else would it be at this point) that solved the message first. As Tom just tweeted: 

As you can see when you expand the image, the message is apparently an intercepted transmission by USS Ravenrock. It reads like a call to arms, saying that 'there is no home' left, and that anyone who can 'fire a gun' is needed to fight. Very post-apocalyptic. Very exciting. We'll keep you updated as this story develops. 

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