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Silent Hill PS5 Reboot: Reveal in December?

Silent hill dead by daylight

After a guest appearance in Dead By Daylight a real Silent Hill could soon follow. (Image Credit: Behaviour Interactive)

For horror fans who have been around for a few years, the name Silent Hill should still be a household name. According to rumors, the Konami series is about to be rebooted for the PlayStation 5 and the big reveal is scheduled for December.

It happened a long time ago, when two big names in the genre of horror games courted the favor of the players. Resident Evil from Capcom on the one hand, Silent Hill from Konami on the other. Resident Evil returns next year with the now eighth part, but a Silent Hill PS5 reboot is also reportedly already in the making.

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Silent Hill for PlayStation 5

Silent Hill fans had to be patient for a long time, after all, the last offshoot was eight years ago. Apparently, the long ordeal will soon be over, as industry insider Roberto Serrano announces on Twitter.

According to this, a Silent Hill reboot for PlayStation 5 is to be unveiled at the annual The Game Awards in December. The awards ceremony, chaired by Geoff Keighley, is scheduled to rise on December 12 and, as in previous years, should see several world premieres and revelations.

A new Silent Hill would fit in there perfectly, wouldn't it? The reboot should be taken with a pinch of salt because even the usually reliable insider Serrano is talking about a rumor.

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