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Daddy Sifu ain't playing.

The Best Game Announced at Sony State of Play

Sifu Game State of Play
Sifu. Not gonna lie... that man is fine, with a capital FINE. (Credit: Sifu)

Sifu! If you watched the Sony State of Play and this is not all that's on your mind, then... what's wrong with you? Sifu was the best game announced at the event. Period. We're hyped for it, and you should also get Sifu tattooed on your body. Here's why:

Anybody here seen Old Boy? The good, original, Korean Old Boy. Not the crappy remake. If you did, you remember the hallway scene, right? Of course, you do. How could anybody ever forget the hallway scene?

So yeah... just watch the beginning of the trailer. 

Nuff said, right?

What Will the Story of Sifu Be?

You're playing as a young martial arts student that is out to avenge his master (his sifu). On that path of vengeance, you kick ass all throughout China. Yeah... martial arts stories don't get more basic than that. Then again, Sifu is based on Kung Fu movies, so... what'd you expect? 

Now, there is one unique twist to this: In the trailer, we see said student age from a black-haired and beardless young stud into a full-on daddy with white hair and a full beard. See, Sifu's special gameplay loop is that every time you die, time advances significantly, and you come back as an older, more experienced man (insert dirty jokes here).

Sifu Game State of Play
Again: Watch the original Old Boy. Now. (Credit: Sifu)

Why We're Hyped for Sifu

Well, first of all: You saw the trailer, right? If not, scroll up and do yourself a favor and then come back down here to join the hype.

Second: The graphics. The style. The anime-aesthetic. The passing of time. The themes. The combat.

Oh lord, the combat...

It should be noted that developer Sloclap knows how to craft combat. They made Absolver, which essentially had you crafting your own martial arts style, down to the most minute detail. You then took your martial artist into PvE or PvP adventures (mostly PvP). Absolver never really took off, mostly because Sloclap was an unknown developer at the time and the combat was a tad too complex for the average gamer.

Sifu Game State of Play
Absolver was the most hardcore martial arts we've ever seen in gaming. (Credit: Absolver)

With Sloclap's experience in mind, we expect Sifu's combat to be as good – if not better – as the trailer promises. We'll go as far as to state this: Sifu will be the best true martial arts experience in any video game ever. Expect various fighting styles, stances and weapon styles. Sloclap has announced that positioning will be a crucial part to successful combat in Sifu. 

Positioning and handsome old daddies... somewhere Michelle Stummreiter is fainting.

Will Sifu Be Multiplayer?

This is anybody's guess at this point. As we mentioned, developer Sloclap has experience with multiplayer, but from the trailer, Sifu looks to be a story-driven single-player game.

What is the Release Date for Sifu?

All we know is that Sifu will release on the PS4, PS5 and PC later in 2021. So... it could be a while. If the wait is too much for you to bear, watch Old Boy. Trust. Us. On. This.

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