Nothing is more annoying than server problems

Servers Are Down: 5 Things You Can Do Instead

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Everyone knows it, everyone hates it: When you just want to play another round of Hearthstone or League of Legends, but the servers don't allow it. What now? Here are 5 alternatives to sitting around and staring at the screen.

1. PC or Game Issue?

This is a step many of us take automatically. Is it me or is it you? Check your internet connection and whether everything is fine on your PC or console.

If you find nothing wrong, a quick Google search often helps to see if others are having the same problem as you. Sometimes there are announcements for server maintenance that you might have overlooked. In that case, the only thing that helps is to wait.

Apex legends server issues

Searches like this one quickly show that it's not an isolated case (Source: Google)

2: Calm Down

Take a deep breath. Getting upset won't bring the servers back online. Instead, make yourself some tea/coffee and eat a cookie. Stretch your back, go for a walk around the block (with the dog).

If you're more of a cat person, go to your cat and bug it a bit. All of this will help you wind down a bit. And it makes the time go a little faster until the servers are back up.

Electronic arts ea servers down again 1

Makes you want to scream (Image credit:

3: Check Your Game Library

If the online issues continue, maybe look through your offline games. Each of us has a few (or hundreds, oops) games in our Steam library that we never bought and never touched.

We're sure there's a small but nice indie game for in-between that you can check out. You might even like it so much that your original game gets forgotten, at least for a while.

4: Game On Mobile

Sounds strange, especially for hardcore PC gamers but you can also find another game that might interest you on your cell phone.

It doesn't have to be a pointless endless game like Candy Crush, because there are now also real games like Diablo Immortal or Black Desert Online for your smartphone. There's no shame in gambling on your cell phone, too, if you're of age!

Diablo immortal 1

With games as good as Diablo Immortal, no one has anything to be ashamed of (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

5: Do Something With Friends

If you've planned to meet friends for a LoL match, you don't have to cancel your plans. You can still sit together in a call and chat, and the time will pass much faster.

Maybe play another game for in between like Among Us, UNO, or whatever. It doesn't always have to be the one game that saves your evening. Keep calm and play more games!

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