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Let's see what Sony can pull out the bag this year...

Sony's September 2021 PlayStation Showcase [LIVE]

Sony State Of Play - September 2021
What do you want to see? | © Sony

Sony's September 2021 PlayStation Showcase is tonight (September 9 at the time of writing). Some of the industry's biggest names are in attendance so as well as the live stream (above), we'll be providing minute-by-minute text coverage so you don't miss a thing!

If you missed E3, but you love a big conference event, then don't panic, you've still got Sony's PlayStation showcase to watch before the summer is out. This is a huge event and there are some great games coming, so sit back and enjoy the show!

Live Coverage: This article will be updated live when the event begins.

The PlayStation Showcase [LIVE]


  • A part cinematic part gameplay God of War: Ragnorak trailer. Ending on the big one. 


  • The next cinematic trailer was for Spider-Man 2. It's not coming until 2023 though. 


  • A cinematic trailer for Gran Turismo 7. This will be exciting to racing game fans. 


  • A trailer for Wolverine by Insomniac drops. A lot of these Superhero games are just a cash grab but this could be promising. 


  • Another message about creating good games and the benefits the PS5 brings.


  • A Thief's End Remastered - the trailer looked good, and it's for PS5 and PC. 


  • A child in a charming exotic world is playing guitar in the way they do in the Last of Us - it's the captivating opening to the trailer for Tchia


  • A reveal for a horror game coming in November - all very hush-hush. 


  • This trailer was bizarre - it was for a shooter called Deathloop. The story seems to be that it's all occurring in the mind of the protagonist. 


  • An interesting-looking title where you play as a vampire and have to hunt for your food - it's called Blood Hunt, we got a cinematic trailer. 


  • Trailer for Guardians - a dull sci-fi action game based on Guardians of the Galaxy. 


  • A trailer for GhostWire Tokyo - A forgettable monster-fighting game.


  • GTA V and GTA Online coming to PlayStation 5 on March 22.


  • Alan Wake Remastered - If you missed it the first time this could be a good opportunity to try it. 


  • A trailer for the Zombie style Rainbow Six PvE game - Extraction


  • Next, a quite breathtaking RPG that looks like a lighter, more charming, more vibrant Dark Souls (don't you hate how much Souls games are used as a comparison in this way). It's called Forspoken


  • A new Borderlands-like action game called Wonderlands. If you like Borderlands you might like this, otherwise move along. 


  • An extended trailer now for Automata. Doesn't look good. 


  • Knights Of The Old Republic Reboot For The PS5.


  • A short introduction talking about what the new-gen can achieve.


  • The show begins - and we're straight into a trailer for Chess. Not an actual game, its basically a short film that hints at the concept of limitless 'playing'. 

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