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The Battlefield leaking saga continues...

Screenshots Leak Of Battlefield 6 Gameplay

Battlefield 6: Leaked Screenshots of Gameplay
Rarely has a game's reveal been quite so dramatic. (Josh Brown)

Another day, another Battlefield 6 leak. This time four screenshots of actual gameplay have emerged, and they've been confirmed. We've got all the details for you right here. 

The Battlefield 6 reveal has been dramatic and bizarre. Between leaks and counter-reveals, it's hard to keep up to date with what's actually known about the game and how accurate it is. 

Basically, one Battlefield insider called Tom Henderson began leaking details of the game months ago. EA themselves stayed silent, and so fans flocked to Henderson for more news. Since then, his discord group has been leaking something every couple of days. This time four screenshots of actual Battlefield 6 gameplay have leaked. 

What Do The Leaked Screenshots Of Battlefield 6 Show? 

Four screenshots show an ongoing multiplayer game in a city surrounded by desert; there's a tank, an attack helicopter, an Osprey-style military aircraft, and what look like four-player squads. The images were taken from the discord group and uploaded to Imgur by Reddit user u/KaioKen05. Here is their post with links to the images: 

Possible leaked images of Battlefield (6) from Tom Henderson's Discord Channel from GamingLeaksAndRumours

It looks really impressive and seems to confirm everything we knew about the game through leaks. 

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Are The Leaked Screenshots Of Battlefield 6 Real? 

Almost certainly; besides how difficult it would be to fake to this quality, Tom Henderson - who has seen alpha gameplay for himself - confirmed the Battlefield 6 screenshot leak to be real. As he simply put it: 

So there you go even more leaks. It's getting hard to keep up with what's official and what's a leak at this point. Make sure to come back next week for the actual reveal on June 9. 

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