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Big time streams get exclusive Rust drops

Rust Twitch Drops for Top Streams Are Live

Rust Twitch Drops
Rust with the Big-Name Twitch Drops (Credit: facepunch Studios)

Rust, the hardcore survival game has just released a new content update and along with the update, many top streamers get exclusive skins, including names like xQc, Shroud, and Pokimane. Let's take a look at what skins you can get for watching each streamer in this Rust Twitch Drop event.

Rust was updated on January 7 and with it, a pretty big Drops event on Twitch has also begun. Along with the new Rust skins, all servers were wiped to zero, meaning all players must start from nothing and must rebuild their collections, homes, and blueprints.

Nine exclusive skins were given to long-time Rust streamers and big-named streamers like xQc, Shroud, and Pokimane. The event will last quite a long time and you can get these skins until January 14.

Pokimane's Skin is an absolutely cute garage door mural and to get each of the following skins you must watch the streamer playing rust for 4 hours total. Like all Twitch drops, you need to link your Steam account with Rust and then you need to link your Steam account with Twitch.

Rust Twtich Drops
Ludwig, Myth and Pokimane's Twtich Drops. (Credit: facepunch studios)

The next set of Rust skins features Auronplay's cool black and red hoodie and the other streamer skins are for a storage box and a jacket. Shout out to Lilypichu and Jackspeticeye!

Rust Twtich Drops
Auronplay, Lilypichu and Jackspeticeye's Twitch Drops. (Credit: facepunch studios)

The last set of streamer exclusive skins for the Rust Twitch Drops event features both xQc and Shroud. xQc has a weapon skin for the end game weapon the Assult Rifle and Shroud has a cool all-black hoodie. Rounding off the pair, Sykkuno gets a light blue long-sleeved shirt.

Rust Twtich Drops
Shroud, Sykkuno, and xQc Twitch Drops. (Credit: facepunch studios)

Rust continues to top the watched games on Twitch for the last two weeks and counting all due to the success of the OfflineTV server that has breathed a breath of fresh air into a game that was released in 2013.

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