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Not the kind of news we wanted to hear today.

Rust Servers DESTROYED In Data Center Fire

Rust Servers Destroyed in Data Center Fire
How about y'all are happy that nobody got hurt, huh? (Credit: Facepunch Studios)

Due to a fire that broke out in OVHcloud’s data center, multiple Rust Servers were destroyed. Here is everything you need to know.

Let’s start with the most important piece of information on this: nobody got hurt during this fire. Servers were destroyed and 12-year-olds got their feelings hurt, because “they spent hours on this game and now everything is lost,” but I think we collectively agree when I say: nobody gives a rat’s ass about those poops.

Here is the statement that Rust has given in regards to the fire:

Are Rust Servers Down? 

However, despite this horrible thing happening, Rust was quick to get their servers back online and has been working hard on getting all of them up and running again.

A total of 25 servers have been destroyed in the fires, yet Rust has already managed to bring 21 of them back online.

So to each and everyone that is currently complaining about Rust not having back-up servers and that they wasted so much time on the game for all their stuff to be lost now:

Rust Servers Destroyed in Data Center Fire

Let’s all just be nice for once and be glad that nobody got hurt in this fire. Restore our faith in humanity today, alright?

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