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All you console players finally get to try it out!

Rust Gets Console Release Date

Rust Console Release Date
The game is coming to console, guys! (Credit: Facepunch Studios)

Rust is finally coming to consoles this year! The competitive survival game that blew up on Twitch will see a release on consoles very soon!

Chances are, that if you haven’t tried out Rust before, it’s because you’re a console player and simply haven’t had the chance to play it, because Rust wasn’t on consoles.

That changes VERY soon. 


Rust Coming to Consoles

When is the Release Date for Rust on Consoles?

Rust will come out on consoles this spring, aka, the game could already drop next month!

Which Consoles Will Rust Be On?

As of right now, the only consoles mentioned are the PS4 and the Xbox One. Maybe Rust will also release for Next-Gen eventually, but right now, it looks like it'll only release on old-gen. 

Will Rust have a Beta on Consoles?

Yes, the Beta for Rust on PS4 and Xbox One has already started (you can sign up here) and will end later this month.

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