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Rocket League: The Best Camera Settings


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Rocket League has recently become a Free-to-Play game and was developed by Psyonix and Panic Button Games. You drive in different car models in a team of maximum 3 people against other players. Each round takes about 5 minutes and nobody can promise what happens. In Rocket League, you don't race though – you play soccer! With cars! You can jump around, dash around with a booster or do cool stunts while trying to kick a huge ball into the opponent's goal. Steering the car feels smooth and good, but it takes some practice to master it! It all depends on how you press a button, how long or how energetic, for the vehicle to behave differently and it enables you to do amazing tricks.

We want to help you to get better in Rocket League or just provide tips for all newcomers to the game! But let's start with the basics and they are already in the settings screen of the game. You will see that there are several tabs with different settings. But something that many ignore or don't dare to change is the camera settings. Yup, you are reading that correctly. The camera settings can give an incredible boost to your skill level. Of course, we can't promise you to become a pro just by using the camera settings of the pros, but you can definitely get better...with practice...and ambition!

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Skript by: Tamara Dodlek

Edit by: Daniel Ribeiro