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Release Date for New PS5 Version Revealed

PS5 Redesign Release Date
Will this new PS5 also get a new design? (Credit: Yanko Design)

PS5 redesign is in the works and gearing up for shipment in 2022. This new PS5 will have a semi-customized 6nm CPU from AMD, and hopefully it will be more available than the current PS5.

So what do you do when barely anyone is able to get their hands on a PS5? You release a new redesigned PS5. Of course. Duh. Dummies. Classic Sun-Tzu Art of War. Sony knows what starving customers want: More stuff they will never get their hands on. How do we know this? From DigiTimes, a website that sounds like a Digimon fan page, but is actually a news outlet so exclusive, you need a subscription to read. What's that mean? Exactly, we're the only source on this, so here's the scoop:

PS5 Redesign Release Date

According to reports, suppliers are getting ready to produce this new PS5 en masse between the Q2-Q3 of 2022. The same report claims that this new PS5 will come not only with a redesign, but also a "semi-customized" 6nm CPU from AMD. This will make the new model cheaper to produce than the current 5nm model. 

Whether or not this redesign is internal-only, or will also affect the PS5s steez is unclear as of now. Also, there is no word whether this PS5 redesign will solve the chip-shortage that is responsible for the current lack of PlayStations. 

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