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Absolute Drift is free of charge too

Rage 2 Is Free on the Epic Games Store!

Rage 2 Free at Epic Games Store
Rage 2 is the next big title going free on the Epic Games Store. (Credit: Bethesda)

Rage 2 is a hell of a lot of mindless fun. If that pitch got to you, then you should listen carefully because the crazy first-person shooter is free on the Epic Games Store. Pardon, it isn't free right now, but it will be shortly.

Rage 2 is an apocalyptic FPS with fantastic combat and questionable everything else. We say everything else can bugger off when we're able to pew-pew the bejesus out of whatever, so the Epic Games Store offer for next week surely got our attention.

Rage 2 Next Free Epic Games Store Title

Rage 2 is one of two games that are going to be offered free of charge at the Epic Games Store next week. The FPS will be accompanied by Absolute Drift. The two can be acquired in the week of February 18-25. Up till then, the free title is Halcyon 6.

Rage 2 is currently on heavy discount on Steam too. Valve's store is in its Lunar Sale right now and Rage 2 is one of the titles on sale. It's down to €17.99 from the standard AAA €59.99, which is a healthy 70% discount. 17.99 is still 17.99 more than 0, so you may want to wait out the Valve Lunar Sale that concludes on February 15 and get the game at Epic. Unless you're loyal to Gaben, of course.

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