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PUBG Corporation doing what it can to get that sweet Indian money

PUBG Mobile India's Censorship Is Bollocks

PUBG Mobile India censorship
PUBG Mobile India, or rather PUBG Mobile Censorship will probably be available to play in India before the end of the year. (Image Credit: PUBG Corporation)

PUBG Mobile is going to make its glorious return to the vast lands of India. If you think the banned game will come back the way we westerners know it, you haven't been paying attention to where this world is headed. PUBG Mobile India is going to be censored to laughable extents to make it suitable for the players, aka the Indian government.

PUBG Corporation's main task for the past two months has been to find a path for its darling PUBG Mobile to break back into India. This was due to the fact the Indian government banned the game, along with dozens of other applications back in September because of the country's ongoing dispute with China. They came up with some security concern crap reasons for the bans but those with brains know what all of that was about.

You see, when the two largest markets in the world are pretty much at war with each other, that creates a minor inconvenience for corporations, such as our friends at PUBG Corp. They, being the adaptable company they are, managed to come up with a decent plan of returning to the Indian market. The plan includes severing ties with Chinese company Tencent - PUBG Mobile's previous publisher for India, and heavily censoring the game itself, because freedom of expression!

The already confirmed "differences" include ridiculous stuff such as clothing up the players from the get-go, replacing the blood effects with some green goo booger stuff and arranging the entire setting of the game to look more like a simulation training ground rather than a real-life simulation, which it wasn't in the first place. It's just the setting of a video game. People aren't actually shooting each other on the streets with snipers. It isn't real! It can't hurt you! Unless you're the Indian government that is.

Perhaps our favorite special Indian feature is the restrictions on young players. Yep, you won't be able to use what you (or your parents, same thing) paid for, because someone thinks they have the right to tell you what you should be doing with your own stuff. To clarify - there will be a time limit on how much young players can play PUBG Mobile India. What that limit is going to be and who qualifies as "young" is unclear. This bit has a slight chance of passing the bulls@#$-o-meter test if its an optional feature for lazy parents. Otherwise, the meter would go off the charts!

There's no release date for PUBG Mobile India announced yet and random speculations are all over the place - ranging from this week to next year. PUBG Corp. would certainly do everything in its power to make sure their game's return to the local market happens as soon as humanly and robotically possible. PUBG Mobile was by far the most played game on its platform in India before being banned and even we can't deny - that's one damn good reason to hurry up.

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