Holy cow! Now that's a hot item!

PS5s Stolen in High-Speed Truck Robberies

PS5 Console

We all want a PlayStation 5, but perhaps not enough to steal one from a moving truck! (Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Deliveries of PlayStation 5 are being stolen from moving delivery trucks, The Times has reported. The new stunt - dubbed the 'rollover' - is pretty insane, and involves gangs boxing in fast-moving trucks, climbing through the roof of their cars and, attached by a rope, cutting open the back of the delivery truck.

The PS5 is certainly a damn-hot item, but we didn't think it was quite THIS hot! According to The Times of the UK, gangs are trying to get into those sweet pre-Christmas PS5 sales. With PS5 sold out across multiple continents, the console has huge demand, and is seeing big problems with illegal resellers bumping prices up to turn profits.

A high-speed truck robbery! Crazy! (Source: On Demand News via YouTube)

We've heard of resellers doing some pretty shifty s**t, but this takes it to a whole new level! It seems that the stunt has been used by gangs for years, who have been hijacking lorries to steal the goods inside whilst they drive at potentially 50mph, or even more. The video above was released by Romanian police in 2012, showing a high-speed robbery in the dark!

There are many potential reasons why these robberies are taking place, but a career criminal speaking to The Times claims that it is potentially due to stronger security on the supply chain - with delivery trucks being the weakest link. Whatever it is, it is a pretty NUTS way of stealing a PS5!


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