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Can't wait to game in 8K on my HD-TV.

Rumor: Sony Working on 8K PlayStation 5 Pro

PS5 Pro 8K Release Date
The PS5 Pro is no surprise, but hearing about it already is. | © aroged

According to rumors, Sony is already considering a PlayStation 5 Pro that will be capable of 8K output. We summarized everything we know about the PS5 Pro rumors below.

We all know that, generation after generation, Sony releases a PlayStation Slim and a PlayStation Pro. So it should come as no surprise that we now have reports suggesting that Sony is working on a PS5 Pro. Yup, that's right: Hardly anyone has a PS5 yet, and those who do are still in love with their new system, and some people are already putting that Pro model into the universe. Just... why? This is like Apple getting the iPhone 14 leaked before their iPhone 13 reveal.

What We Know About the 8K PS5 Pro

Two reputable YouTubers have given life to this rumor: Wccftech and Moore's Law Is Dead. The latter also put the upgraded Xbox Series S rumor into the universe, and it is noteworthy to say that both of them are usually not ones to push bullsh*t.

They're suggesting that the PS5 Pro will be able of outputting video games in 8K. They also suggest that this is entirely unnecessary, since no one has an 8K screen. At the same time though, no one even has a normal PS5, so basic logic doesn't seem to apply to Sony's maybe-plans here. 

Price-wise the new system is rumored to come in hot with a $700-800 tag and the implied release date is 2023 or 2024. Also, word is that the release will be filtered in order to avoid the scalping that ruined the original PS5 release.

Has Sony Confirmed or Denied the PS5 Pro Rumors?

Neither. Sony has not commented on this situation at all and this remains pure speculation at the hands of two YouTubers who, frankly said, know their sh*t. Do what you will with this information, but don't go holding your breath that this will release any time soon. The upgraded Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X rumors have much more meat to them and, even here, the latter is not expected until 2023.

Then again, I feel like the consoles only just released, yet a year has already gone by. Time really does fly, so maybe you should start getting excited right about now.

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