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Is it the Punisher?

Insider: New PS5-Exclusive Marvel Game in Development

A new first party marvel game is in development? Could it be The Punisher
Left, right? I'll take either as a new Marvel game. | © Marvel

According to an insider leak on Twitter, a new PS5-exclusive Marvel game is in development. Even better: Naughty Dog and The Punisher are mentioned in the speculations.

Sony already got Spiderman, and now they might just get another first-party PS5-exclusive Marvel game: According to the insider Tidux, multiple of his sources confirm that a new Marvel IP is in development that is a 1P game. 

Now does 1P mean first-party or single-player? We'd assume the latter, since a Marvel multiplayer game would be completely out of left field. Let's start the speculation:

New First-Party Marvel Game: What Could It Be?

Of course, Twitter already started to run wild with speculation and both Sony and Square Enix were tossed into the mix of possible developers. Of course, there is no absolute certainty that the first-party game is necessarily a Sony game, but given Sony's relationship with Marvel it is very, very likely.

The most interesting – and worthwhile – speculation though is making me cream: What if Naughty Dog is working on a Punisher game?

Go ahead... cream away...

Yes, this is actually a valid question, because Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann mentioned that he would like to work on a Punisher game. Imagine it: Who better suited than the developers of The Last of Us to work on a Punisher game? With Sony already having the hook-up with Marvel and The Punisher recently having blown up thanks to the Netflix show... what better time than now to release what could be the grittiest, darkest and best Marvel game ever?

I repeat: The devs of The Last of Us might possibly be working on a Punisher game. Read that again and thank me later.

Other wishlist items: An R-rated Blade game or a Daredevil game. I'm here for either of them, but the idea of a dark Marvel games in the hands of a Sony studio... it does things to me. The Blade game actually would make a lot of sense, since Blade is about to get his own brand-new reboot... just saying...

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