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It's never the final fantasy

PS5 Exclusive Souls-Like Final Fantasy Game Coming at E3

New PS5 exclusive Final Fantasy E3 Reveal
Anybody else think Final Fantasy 12 is underrated? (Credit: Square Enix)

The PlayStation 5 might get an exclusive new Final Fantasy game and it might be announced soon at the E3 – this is all according to a reputable leaker.

So first things first, we wanna give away our source. It's not snitching, if it's for journalistic purposes: Leaker Navtra has been right about a number of leaks in the past. He correctly predicted a great deal of things surrounding the Final Fantasy 7 remake, so when he has something to say on the Final Fantasy franchise, we listen.

Square Enix to Reveal PS5 Exclusive Final Fantasy at E3?

Navtra claims that Square Enix might reveal "a PS5 exclusive FF title, and a cross-gen Eidos title. [Fans] can expect one more major FF announcement." In addition, we will also be getting updates to Final Fantasy 16, Final Fantasy Endwalker and the Final Fantasy 7 remake. Good times ahead for FF fans (FFF anyone? Is that a thing?).

We know that Square Enix will be a part of the E3 and that president Yosuke Matsuda confirmed "We are planning to announce [our lineup] at E3 in June. Taking that into consideration, the leaks surrounding a new Final Fantasy do make sense. The fact that it is a PlayStation exclusive FF game should make PS5 owners happy, since they just lost another huge RPG to Xbox exclusivity:

Update: Since the writing of this article, it's become known that the game will be called Final Fantasy Origin. Here's what other info we have on the game.

What We Know About Final Fantasy Origin

  • Final Fantasy Origin will be PS5 exclusive
  • It's developed by Team Ninja, developers of Nioh 2
  • It's an Action RPG, similar to Nioh 2 and Dark Souls
  • Set in the world of the original Final Fantasy from 1987
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